About Jen

Hello Beautiful and Welcome,

My name is Jennifer, my friends call me Jen. I am a qualified Health Coach and Nutritarian, that simply means,  A Mind-Body Approach to Nutrition, Eating and living Consciously. Nourishment comes from more than just the food we eat. It comes from our mindset, the products we use, activities we participate in, the physical world that surrounds us.

My mission is to inspire and  empower you to take control of your health.

I love to create beautiful delicious healthy fat burning, anti aging recipes, to inspire you to live the happiest, fullest life possible, share my knowledge and wisdom to help you create the life of your dreams.  I wake up everyday with the intentions to make conscious choice to stay connect to my body and environment and to inspire as many others to life the same way.

Are you ready for a new life?  I know I was…

I am going to totally open and honest with you I didn’t always make healthy decisions when it came to foods and lifestyle choices. Most of my adult life I struggled to find and maintain a healthy weight range and Before and after photosa balanced  nutritional way to eat.

I was constantly running on adrenalin at a million miles, working way too much, burning myself out and living in a constant state of stress.

By the time I hit my forties, I was struggling to maintain a healthy weight range and find a nutritionally balanced way to eat.

In 1998 I lost my husband who was only 40 to an embolism, heart attack. Soon after this, I began to suffer from chronic allergies, Autoimmune  Chronic idiopathic urticaria,  ‘hives’, and Angioedema this is a condition characterized by swelling beneath the skin.  My body was in overdrive with histamines, I had allergic reactions to just about everything I ate, smelt, even if I bumped myself or my pants were too tight, it was unbearable at times. They only relief was to take antihistamines and prednisone.

As a result of constantly taking these drugs,  I suffered from depression and anxiety,   serious food cravings, nasty mood swings my hormones were all over the place.  I literally thought I as having early menopause, no libido.  I was so depressed and unmotivated to do anything that I simply continued to get fatter, sicker and frustrated, constantly cranky and tired.  I had developed Diabesity (insulin resistance/weight related diabetes).  I had lost direction in my life.  To be honest, I was having a big ol’ pity party. .

I knew that I needed to find another way.

Finding no relief in the hands of “modern medicine”, I turned to my own passion for research and finally learned that my symptoms were related to stress, environmentally, emotionally, physically and nutritionally – particularly, the sugar, yeast and chemical preservatives in my diet, In addition to these stresses on our bodies, most of the personal care products, cosmetics, I was overload with toxins

I decided that enough was enough. I had one of those aha moment where I saw that I was unconscious and disconnect from my self.

I soon realized that if things were going to truly change for me, I would need to reshape every area of my life.  I made a decision to stop looking outside of myself for happiness and well being and start creating it from within.

I needed to not only eat will, but to live well.

In all humbleness, I would like to share my story.

You never know, you might even see a little bit of yourself in it…

Read my story

If you would like to learn about my training and approach as a a health coach – click here


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